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What we do

Unique combinations of modern finesse and mid-western values

What we do

What we do Repurposing-Restoring-Redesigning-Rehabbing!

“We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.”

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Revamp & Revive

Raymore, MO 64083

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About We REcraft functional, modern decor from hidden treasures.

At R&R we are unique in the way we approach designing and translating your creative visions and making them into a stunning reality. We believe in listening to the clients needs and using what you already got that you like— but help make your design impact into something... well, you get it.

We offer YOU a variety of services
Designer/stylist consultant- decor/events-charity functions – entrepreneur-& DIYer — YOUR know-how — one-stop shop- – go-to girl- & source -for basically any and all things FABulous!
Consulting- building- repurposing-restoring- re-designing- rehabbing –  party/event planning (love to do with charities) teach “Do It Yourself” (DIY) skills and are sometimes even a marriage counselor! LOL

Our Eco-friendly ways to design add value and meaning in unexpected items previous passed on and thought worthless- proving that sometimes- you don’t need to spend crazy money to have a showcase of a room!  We believe that there is beauty in everything – and sometimes- all that is needed is a fresh start -/coat of paint- or for that piece to be given a whole new purpose and function.  We are in it for the little guys – because we are one!!!   We strive to connect and support with mom/pop shops and independent artisans  that are of like-mind- in actions- of living the motto “put people first”. We are interested in making lasting personal connections over monetary gain or profit– – we have had numerous repeat customers because we are passionate about design- and the uniqueness of peoples needs.  There is no mass produced/one size fits all here!  We help you define- design and facilitate your visions- and share the know-how if you wish to tackle that DIY project– or we become your magic wand to – wave – to make it all happen!

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