My Backstory Featured

Hello world, My name is Rachel-- I am a wife to Trent and a mother to my 3 awesome kids- West- Naomi and CoraJ- and have 2 naughty rescue puppies named Roxy and Ruby-

My life is a crazy adventure-  My craziest one yet-- I got to go to the 56th Grammy Awards in LA-- what what?- Yes-- here is a wee bit of my backstory--


I repurpose items- I get craftastic as much as I can to help me stay sane admitst the mundane daily life that accumulate so frequently-- you know, laundry, household chores- that pile up--- constantly--- one particular day- my dear daughters and I got our paint on with -- operation: Armoire revamp-- rock star status-- ___________________________--  I did this armoire up to help raise some money for one football player (really, I *Sparkle* heart all those boys--they are MY boys- I love them all)  This armoire went up on Facebook and bing boom bam-- A cool,classy lady named Pam- saw it and traced it back to me-- and next thing I know- I am repurposing a grand piano into a water feature and building 20 tables out of reclaimed barnwood-- with 2 months to complete it all in---

Ta-Dah--- hello world- I just arrived- and this cinderella got to get her glam on and get fabulous!



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